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Chant is a social media platform that showcases creatives’ work, goals and interests. A confluence of those already creating and those who wish to be. We gather artists in your community, expanding opportunities and inspiring collaboration.

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About Us

If humans are good at one thing, it’s finding the proper tool to take their work to the next level. When we lived in caves and got hungry, we invented the spear. When we realized that we liked gardening better than battling wooly mammoths, we invented the plow.

“Making do” only makes sense for so long. At some point, it’s time to stop jury-rigging and start building the proper tool. Chant is that proper tool, beautifully designed, purposefully inclusive, and specifically functional for creatives’ needs.

After moving to a new city, founder ryan lanier found himself without an outlet for creative collaboration. he gathered a group of his creative co-conspirators to help make something new, a tool to bring creative communities closer, to help artists living near each other discover new ways to co-create.

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Beta Test

Want to be part of testing the Beta release of the Chant App? We are looking for creatives to test our initital launch. Sign up here!